Junior Code of Conduct

As a member of the WSSC, Parents and/or Guardians hereby agree to the following Charter:


Understanding that parents are the singular most important role model for their children, I agree to:

1. Maintain and display self-control while attending practices, games or tournaments in which my child is participating.


2. Give positive encouragement from the sidelines because it is the best way to support the team and my child's athletic endeavours.


3. Teach my child to play by the rules, respect game officials and respect others, because it is as important as learning the skills necessary to successfully play a sport.


4. Recognise that the Coach or Manager can best represent the team when dealing with any match or club officials.


5. Where possible players will be grouped into teams of similar ability, however, the Club reserves the right to move players between teams in line with the Director of Coaching’s requirements. This may be done in the best interests of the player, the team and or the club.


6. Where item 5. does not apply, the club will endeavour to place players who are past team mates, or friends, in a team together. However, this may not be possible due to squad size, venue or coaching availability.


7. Western Suburbs Soccer Club promotes developing a sense of teamwork, sportsmanship and self worth, and I fully support these ideals.


8. Should the behaviour of my child prove to be detrimental to the enjoyment and experience of other team and club members, then I understand that his/her membership may be cancelled


a)      immediately if the behaviour warrants it


b)      following a period of review if the behaviour does not improve