There are Western Suburbs girls-only teams in the girls-only leagues that run both in the winter season, and in summer.  Register well in time to secure your place!

The format – From 2016, the team and pitch sizes (format) is the same as for the mixed grades. But the teams in the league are all girls-only teams and they generally play on artificial surfaces. The summer league format can in some ways be described as a bit lighter, with maybe more emphasis on participation and fun, rather than competiveness and results per se; girls new to football often play their first season over summer.  Depending on the preferences of coaches and parents, some teams might only train on the Sunday prior to the games and not have a mid-week training.

Games are played on a Sunday morning. (Hence the regularly used acronym GOSL for both the winter and summer leagues – Girls Only Sunday League)

The junior grades offered are combined into 2 year slots for summer.  There will be 8th, 10th, 12th and 14th grades.  

Generally games are played in Wellington.  But in the summer league Wests junior teams could play games in any of Porirua, Wellington or Petone (to increase the pool of opposition).  But games will generally be played on artificial turf.

Dates – The winter league runs the same season as the mixed grade, usually the start of April until the end of August. The summer league generally runs the school terms T4 and T1, so approximately November – mid December and again from early Feb February – late March.

For the summer league we need to be mindful that the rest of the club shuts down.  So we usually arrange for registrations to be in by late September. That allows us to form the teams, co-ordinate the gear, arrange coaches etc and organise some trainings in October prior to the interclub games, to get the teams to “gel” 

Cost – The cost depends on what Capital Football set each “season”, and is sometimes cheaper for the summer league. But as an indication, it was $145 for the winter 2016 season. 

Register – If your daughter would like to play, and the taking of registrations has been advertised, then please complete the Girls-only registration form. At other times of the year (as teams will already have been formed, and there may or may not be a free space) please just email the administrator with your enquiry (and specify your daughter’s date of birth).

Registration forms can be e-mailed to our administrator at or post it to WSSC, PO Box 58068, Whitby.

How to Pay – When payments are required, the following methods can be used:

1 - Internet banking – ASB account no.  12 3192 0024085 02, please use member’s First name, Family name and ‘Girls Summer League’ in the reference fields

2 - Cheque - posted to Western Suburbs Football Club, PO Box 58068, Whitby, Porirua 5245 (cheques made payable to ‘Western Suburbs Football Club’)


We will do our best to place your daughter in a team however please be aware this will be dependent on registration numbers and optimal squad sizes.  It is possible that we might not get enough girls in a particular grade to form a team, or we may have too many and late registrations might miss out. 

And of course we  always need coaches/managers!  Without it all coming together, some people might unfortunately miss out. But every year, we have been able to place just about every interested girl in a team.

Girls will be grouped into teams in appropriate age grades when we have all registrations in and see what numbers we have.  And if we have sufficient numbers for more than one team in a grade, we will make decisions about whether to stream them by ability or try and have two more or less even teams.